Twitter Hashtags

This page lists Twitter hashtags that are commonly used by UK maths teachers.

#mathschat - used for tagging tweets that relate to UK maths education. Also used for a weekly chat on Wednesdays at 8pm - follow the host @BetterMaths for details.

#mathscpdchat - primarily used for a weekly chat on Tuesdays at 7pm. The chat is organised by the NCETM - follow @mathscpdchat for details.

#TeamMaths - used for regular tweets by @Team_Maths1, including jokes, resources and articles.

#DonADay - sharing at least one Don Steward task a day! Shared by @mathsjem via @Team_Maths1.

#ScotMTBos - Scotland's MathsTwitterBlogosphere, for tweets relating to maths education in Scotland.

#maths - used for tagging any tweets that relate to maths in general. Not just used by teachers, though does include some maths education tweets.

#mathshubs - use for tagging tweets relating to England's Maths Hubs programme

#ukedchat - a popular hashtag used for tweets that relate to UK education in general. Also used for a weekly chat on Thursdays at 8pm - follow @ukedchat for details.

#SLTchat - a popular hashtag used for tweets that relate to school leadership. Also used for a weekly chat on Sundays at 8pm - follow @SLTchat for details.

#PedagooFriday - a hashtag used on Fridays by teachers from all subjects for sharing inspirational teaching ideas and classroom practice. Follow @pedagoo.

#PREThomework - used for tagging all Maths Pret Homeworks.

#mathsgems - maths teaching inspiration from my gems posts.

#mathsbookclub - bi-monthly chat organised by @MathsBookClub.

#mathsjournalclub - bi-monthly chat organised by @mathjournalclub.

And from our American friends we also have #MTBoS (MathTwitterBlogosphere), #mathchat, #math and #slowmathchat

That's a lot of hashtags!

Please let me know if I've missed anything. For a more general list of UK education hashtags, try this article from Creative Education.