I enjoy speaking at conferences and my workshops always get excellent feedback.

You are welcome to get in touch if you want me to speak at your event. However, please remember that I am a full-time teacher, not a professional speaker, and I get no time off school for speaking engagements. I am totally independent and am not supported by or affiliated with any Maths Hub or other organisation.

I sometimes have availability after school and on weekends and during school holidays and will support maths education events where possible. Please bear in mind:

  • it takes me a considerable amount of time to prepare materials for my presentations and it's unreasonable to ask me to do this for free. Please get in touch and I'll let you know my fee.
  • I am unable to travel long distances to speak at conferences due to family commitments.

Guest Posts

I get dozens of emails every week offering me money for guest posts on my blog. I do not respond to these emails. I wouldn't dream of allowing companies to sell their products and services through my blog, it is totally against my principles.  


I will not advertise products through my blog, nor will I promote products on my Twitter feed. Please do not email these requests. 

Other Requests

You are welcome to get in touch to ask advice or to share an idea with me. But please bear with me! I get a huge number of emails. If you're a maths teacher, I will endeavour to reply to you within a week. If it takes a little longer, I'm really sorry! 

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