I don't teach Mechanics so huge thanks to Ella Dickson of Beaumont School for helping me set this page up. Please send additional resource recommendations to

In addition to the resources listed below, I highly recommend Integral (school login required) which provides topic notes, worksheets, activities and assessments. Also, the National STEM Centre eLibrary has a good range of mechanics resources, including the excellent Mechanics in Action investigations.

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  1. Thank you so much for setting this up! I'll continue to look out for good mechanics resources.

    1. Thank you for your input - there'd be no mechanics page if it weren't for you! Much appreciated.

  2. This is a nice momentum starter

  3. These are great moments puzzles

  4. Does anyone have a list of recommended equipment, for a new department to order, for practicals? I would much rather have a maths kit rather than borrow from the science department all the time, but not sure what to get. Thanks so much!

  5. For each group of the students in the class, I would have:
    3 50g weight carriers
    20 50g weights
    2 Newton meters with a range 0 to 10N
    1 single pulley
    A few expandable springs
    Plenty of string
    Done elastic string
    A set of 'bathroom' scales calibrated in Newtons.
    This equipment gets used with all our single maths groups. We have a bit more for the further mathematicians