Topics in Depth Project

I wrote about my rationale for this project a couple of months ago.

The idea is that a teacher delivers these sessions to their colleagues in a department meeting or CPD session at an appropriate time (ideally when they are about to teach that topic).

Each pack covers subject knowledge, teaching approaches, misconceptions and resources.

The collection is growing very slowly! Please bear with me - these take a really long time to pull together. Each pack should take between 20 and 45 minutes to run through with colleagues. Please download the documents so that the animations and links work. Refer to the notes section on each slide for sources and comments.

At some point, I hope to screencast each secondary presentation with my commentary.

I am very grateful to maths teacher and consultant Nikki Martin for providing a set of 'Topics in Depth' packs for primary teachers - I've shared these below.

Topics in Depth Secondary Collection

  • Similarity - coming soon!
  • Indices - coming soon!
  • Forming algebraic expressions -  coming soon!

Topics in Depth Primary Collection (with thanks to Nikki Martin)

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