This page lists recommended resources for teaching data handling and probability at Key Stage 3/4, organised by topic.

Huge thanks to all individuals and organisations who share teaching resources.

Quick links:  Averages and Spread  |  Bar Charts  |  Pie Charts  |  Histograms  |  Stem and Leaf  | PictogramsCumulative Frequency & Box Plots  |  Scatter Graphs  |  Time Series  |  Sampling and Surveys  |  Capture-Recapture  |  Probability  |  Probability Trees  |  Frequency Trees  |  Venns and Sets  |  Revision

Averages and Spread

From a frequency table
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Average number of peas in a pod? - from Median Don Steward

Bar Charts

Pie Charts

Stem and Leaf


Cumulative Frequency and Box Plots

Scatter Graphs and Causation

Time Series 
(note that moving averages are not on the new GCSE specification but time series are)

Sampling and Surveys
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Capture-Recapture (see my blog post)
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Evaluating Statements about Probability - Mathematics Assessment Project

Listing and Counting

Probability (also see trees, below)
Probability Trees

Frequency Trees

Sets and Venns 
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Other resources
US Presidents Longevity - Median Don Steward

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