23 November 2016

GCSE 9 - 1 Revision Resources

I published a post in March 2015 about Higher GCSE revision resources. Although the GCSE specification has changed, the resources in that post are still helpful. Today's post contains additional resources which were designed for GCSE 9 - 1.

If you're looking specifically for Foundation tier resources, then this post provides a good summary.

Practice papers
All four awarding bodies have published numerous sets of practice and past exam papers. Given that the differences between exam board specifications are minimal, we are able to use 9 - 1 papers from every exam board. Don't forget that old GCSE papers - including intermediate tier papers - are still helpful too.

If this isn't enough, then don't worry - there are plenty more practice papers available. For example Churchill Maths papers are reliable and high quality. For £150 + VAT you can buy 15 practice papers for Higher and 15 practice papers for Foundation. The Higher tier papers are particularly good for stretching students who are working at a Grade 8 or 9. You can check out their free sample papers here. They're pretty challenging.

ZigZag Education also sells packs of practice papers - for £389 you can buy a pack of 30 practice papers for Higher and 30 practice papers for Foundation. That will keep your students busy! Sample papers are available on their website.

For £6 students can buy a pack of 6 practice papers from CGP (these are much cheaper for schools to buy in bulk directly from CGP). Practice paper books are also available to buy.
Revision by topic
Topic tests provided by AQA and Edexcel (through All About Maths and the Emporium respectively) are really helpful. OCR's check in tests are good too.

Maths Genie continues to be a very user-friendly website (I recommend it to my A level students). It has been updated for GCSE 9 - 1 so you'll find exam style questions on new topics plus practice papers.

Corbett Maths also has exam style questions, including new GCSE topics.

Also, don't forget that Mel at justmaths.co.uk has pulled together GCSE 9 - 1 specimen questions by topic.

Keep an eye on JustMaths and Corbett Maths between the GCSE exams because they will probably produce 'best guess' papers after Papers 1 and 2 have been taken place.

Resources to purchase 
There are loads of resources that your students can buy through Amazon. I imagine that schools might buy some of these resources for their Pupil Premium students. CGP have summarised the content of their extensive range here. They have good prices for schools. Pearson has a range of revision products too, as does Collins and Scholastic. I have written my own Knowledge Quiz revision books which are designed to help students memorise facts. You can bulk buy for schools through the publisher at £5 per book. If you're looking for revision apps, I recommend Key Cards.

Revision cards
9 - 1 revision cards are available to buy from The Mathematical AssociationCorbett Maths and PearsonFlash cards can be downloaded for free from tannermaths.co.uk.

Aimed at Grade 9
Around 3% of the cohort will get a Grade 9. I like it that there is a new grade that identifies the country's best mathematicians, much like the A* at A level. Here are some resources for students working at this level:
  • There are revision workbooks for 'Grade 9 targeted exam practice' here.
  • There are three 'Grade 9' booklets here at Bland.in.
  • Pixi Maths has a Grade 9 booklet here.
  • m4ths.com has Grade 9 resources here.
Because they're so challenging, the Churchill papers that I mentioned before provide the right level of stretch for these students. The AQA Additional Maths Pilot papers have good questions too.

Breakfast revision
I have a set of Non Calculator Breakfast Warm Up activities and Calculator Breakfast Warm Up activities for both Foundation and Higher tier. These are intended to provide an accessible, stress free warm up on the morning of the exam.

I also have four shorter Breakfast Revision Workouts for Higher GCSE.

Nikki (@mathszest) has shared a warm up PowerPoint aimed at students targeting a Grade 6. It’s a mixture of reminders and questions.

Mel from Just Maths has made some useful 'Preparing for Your Maths Exam' slides containing last minute exam tips and information for students. It's probably best not to do this on the morning of the exam, but it's great for your last maths lesson.

Mr Chadburn (@mrchadburn) has shared some good quality GCSE revision checklists.

If you use Hegarty Maths then you can get checklists with clip numbers directly from the teacher resources section.

Some students struggle to use revision checklists because they don't know what the topic titles refer to. This 'one question per topic' checklist from andrewshorty on TES solves that problem. It's for the old GCSE though so will need some modification.

Memorising facts
In addition to my Knowledge Quiz revision books which are specifically designed to help students memorise facts by repeated self-quizzing, here are some formula and fact quizzes:
  • Edexcel has a poster of formulae to learn - thanks to @MaxTheMaths for sharing his related gap fill activity here
  • My adaptation of this formula quiz is available here
  • Shareen Khaliq of Harris Chobham further adapted this quiz for her top set - you can download her version here
  • I have also made a units quiz so students can check they know their unit conversions. 

My resources

Additional resources
Here are some more general revision resources that I've collected:

Have a look at my post Structured Revision Lessons to see how I run my post-Easter GCSE revision lessons. I make a lot of use of Corbett Maths 5-a-day resources in these lessons.

Have I missed anything? Please share your resources in the comments below.


  1. As always Jo you are the Queen of bring resources together, thank you for help so much!

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  3. Hi Jo! Awesome info - thanks! Did your school get the Churchill papers for 9-1? How do you find them?

    1. Yes, we got them. They're excellent. We're putting some of them into a pack to issue to students before Easter. We'll use the rest in class. They're very high quality, definitely worth the money.

    2. Excellent - thanks for the info! Will definitely look into them!

  4. Hi, Try a look at Mathsbot.com for generated Practice papers Higher/ Foundation (9-1) plus a lot of help for all the new topics.

    1. Hi. Thanks - I've already mentioned Mathsbot.com in this post (listed under 'more resources' above).

  5. can some1 pls give me some churchill maths papers 4 free.
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    1. Hi. There are three Churchill papers available for free here: http://www.churchillmaths.co.uk/gcse-9-1/. You can also access free sample ZigZag papers here: http://zigzageducation.co.uk/synopses/6445-gcse-9-1-maths-foundation-higher-papers-edexcel.asp.

  6. Hi, do you have an AQA revision checklist of topics for students?

    1. Hi. Check out this Twitter thread - there's a couple of links here https://twitter.com/oca_maths/status/815597506625212416

    2. (The Edexcel list is easily adapted for AQA)

  7. Recently I found a blank formula sheet which was great for checking which formula the students could remember. It was based on the edexcel sheet and called a formula quiz but I can't find it again. Can anyone help?

    1. Is it not the one I listed above (bullet point 6)?

  8. Brilliant, many thanks. Have a good day

  9. Just to let you know - the Pixi maths TES link is dead. You might want to link to the Pixi website here: https://www.piximaths.co.uk/revision-materials

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  15. Thanks, this is really useful! I've also created documents of past IGCSE questions for every topic, at least in the old syllabus, mostly with video solutions too. They are are collected on my website here https://mathsaurus.com/gcse-and-igcse/igcse-exam-questions-by-topic/

  16. I vaguely remember a resource which generated "first 10 questions" for foundation students. I've had a hunt about but can't find it. Does it ring a bell for anyone?

  17. Thanks Jo. You are a life saver