17 May 2018

GCSE Breakfast Warm-Ups

Year 11s have already gone off on study leave at many schools, but I still have my lovely Year 11 class in lessons (when they're not in exams) and revision sessions. At this time of year I stop my structured topic-based revision lessons and instead use mixed topic resources like these Higher GCSE workouts. These workouts take a full lesson and consolidate a wide range of key skills, with the added bonus of not requiring much printing.

At my school we have breakfast revision timetabled before every GCSE and A level exam. It's not compulsory but quite a few students like to attend. I see it as a good opportunity to warm up their brains, answer any last minute questions, and wish them luck.

Last year I published some GCSE Breakfast Workouts for teachers to use in these short revision sessions. I've now created another set of Breakfast Warm-Ups - including two levels for Foundation and two levels for Higher.

You can download these resources from TES here.

Each sheet contains 20 quick questions designed to get students' brains into maths mode - hopefully this will minimise the risk of them making silly mistakes in the first few questions when they start their exam an hour later. I've intentionally not numbered the questions so that students can work on them in any order. The last thing we want to do is to cause a panic just before the exam by giving unfamiliar questions.

Thanks to Mark Moody at Caldew School for creating and sharing a helpful PowerPoint for the first Foundation warm up, and to Japleen Kaur (@japleen_kaur1) for making a PowerPoint for the Higher warm ups.

I hope these resources are helpful. I've provided editable versions in case you want to tailor these for your own students. I've also added these resources to my GCSE revision page. Good luck everyone! Nearly there...


  1. Fabulous thanks. Will use in 1:1 support sessions early next week.

  2. I am from NZ. Just asking gcse math no calculators 1 hr
    or 2

    1. They have three GCSE exams:
      Paper 1 non calc 1.5 hours
      Paper 2 calc 1.5 hours
      Paper 3 calc 1.5 hours

  3. Hi Jo. Thank you so much for your breakfast warm ups. Have used these ahead of all mocks / GCSE exams for the past few years. I just wondered if you will by any chance creating a version that follows on from the advance information provided this year? Thank you so much

    1. Hi. I don't teach Y11 so I'm not making any GCSE revision resources this year. There are already lots of resources around for the 2022 Advanced Information (though it's frustrating that so much effort has been put into making resources that only have a shelf-life of a few months). Sorry.

    2. Jess has done it! Here: https://twitter.com/FortyNineCubed/status/1525447028473577476?s=20&t=Nj_HTGlEyAp8N7K43RmoEw