21 January 2024

GCSE Revision

I've blogged about GCSE revision resources numerous times before, but with many schools running mock exams in February I thought it might be a good time to revisit some of the highlights. For advice on how to structure and deliver GCSE revision, see my CPD video Exam Countdown.

There are two main types of revision activity: topic focused and mixed topic. In the summer term I might spend the first few weeks doing topic-focused revision (i.e. I select topics where there are gaps and do a mini re-teach of those specific topics) and in the final couple of weeks before exams start I switch to mixed-topic revision and exam technique. Similarly, in the week before mock exams I might do two topic-specific lessons and two mixed-topic revision lessons.

There are a vast number of revision resources in both categories. Here I have picked out my top five from each. For a more comprehensive list of GCSE revision resources, see my GCSE Revision page.

Topic Focused Revision

1. 1st Class Maths
The resources from 1st Class Maths are consistently very high quality, so it's wonderful to see the development of an extensive GCSE revision collection this year. 

These fantastic resources contain totally original questions which are perfect for revision - they're not just collections of past exam questions that you might have already used in your teaching. 

The questions are very well written and are styled in the format of both AQA and Edexcel.

There's also a brilliant 'Ultimate Revision Booklet' which contains one question from each topic. We might print this off for our students to take home over Easter this year.

2. Maths4Everyone
Maths4Everyone is another great source of good quality resources by topic. There are topic grids like the Pythagoras one shown below, as well as sets of practice exam questions.

3. AQA Topic Tests
My exam board at GCSE is AQA, and I love their Topic Tests from allaboutmaths.aqa.org.uk. The other awarding bodies have similar resources available. 

4. Dr Austin
Last year Dr Austin added a collection of revision resources to her excellent website. There are themed revision grids (for example, six algebra revision grids of increasing difficulty level) as well as topic-specific grids.

5. GCSEMathsQuestions
GCSEMathsQuestions.co.uk contains PowerPoints in which GCSE questions from OCR, Edexcel and AQA have been collated by topic in one place. I find these resources incredibly helpful - it's great to be able to draw on a wide range of exam questions on each topic. I'm happy to use questions and resources from any awarding body in my teaching.

Mixed Topic Revision

1. Exam Papers
It goes without saying that students benefit from completing a large number of exam papers in the run up to their final exams. There are plenty of past papers available - both for the current GCSE specification but also for previous specifications (I still use questions from Linked Pair!). Awarding bodies also provide numerous practice papers, and there are papers available to purchase (for example Churchill and Zig Zag). When parents or students say they want extra practice papers to do at home, I normally suggest the CGP papers - these are handy for students as they arrive printed, and the mark schemes are student friendly. 

At this time of year (September to February) we encourage all students to independently complete and mark a minimum of one GCSE paper each week. We support this by running Papers Society after school every Tuesday (attendance is currently around 130 students, which is over half of Year 11). 

2. MathsGenie
There are loads of resources on Maths Genie and it's very user friendly for students. Last year I made good use of their excellent Mini Target Tests for both homework and revision.

3. Corbett Maths 
Corbett Maths is awesome for topic-specific practice (and here's a tip if you're teaching a top set Year 11 - check out the Further Maths section for some great extra questions on topics like surds, functions, circle theorems and algebraic fractions).

It's also excellent for mixed topic practice in the form of both practice papers and 5-a-days. Throughout Year 11 I use Corbett Maths 5-a-days for daily retrieval practice. They come in five different levels - I currently use the 'Foundation Plus' level with my Higher Year 11 class as they're working at Grades 4 to 6. The 5-a-day resources can also be used for mixed-topic revision in the run up to exams.

4. MathsBox
Subscribers to MathsBox have access to a large collection of revision resources including Skills Checks, Focus Tasks and 9 - 1 Assessments. There's lots to explore here!

5. Revision Mats 
Revision mats are available from various sources, for example Third Space Learning. I have made some myself, which are available on TES:

Calculator revision mats Set 1
Calculator revision mats Set 2
Calculator revision mats Set 3
Calculator revision mats Set 4 

These don't have to be printed on A3, but students like it if you do!

I will be using these mats with my students, but will probably save them for the final weeks of revision before the GCSE exams this summer. I also have a set of popular breakfast revision mats that I always use on the day of their exams.

I hope this post of my top ten recommendations has been helpful. Don't forget to check out my GCSE Revision page for more excellent revision resources for maths GCSE.


  1. Thank you so much for your very helpful blog. As a tutor independent of a teaching establishment, it’s brilliant for keeping me in the loop, and it’s always great to access new resources. Thanks so much!

  2. Fantastic resources, thank you but is there anything similar for WJEC as we in Wales feel a bit left out.

    1. Sorry about that. I feel pretty strongly that I should only recommend resources that I’ve used or examined myself, and should only give advice within my area of expertise.