Maths Department Displays

Looking for display resources for maths corridors and classrooms? This page features some helpful links.

Maths Word of the Week - @missradders

First 100 digits of Pi - @jaegetsreal

Famous Mathematicians of the World (version 2) - @nathanday314

50 Mathematical Quotations - @nathanday314

A level maths periodic table - @MrsMazzy

Maths periodic table - @Just_Maths

Alphabet symmetry -  @maths4everyone

Sentence stems - @ExplainingMaths

Maths in one word - @Billyads_47

Formula bunting - @mrprcollins and @MissBsResources

Football jersey number line - @Just_Maths

Questions to stimulate mathematical thinking - @Billyads_47

I'm finished! What shall I do? - @BaileyMaths
and Challenge Tasks

Formula bunting - @Just_Maths

Shape bunting - @MissBsResources

Maths bunting - @missradders

Mathematical Mr Men - @solvemymaths

Bunting alphabet - @Just_Maths 

Quotes etc - posters created by @mathsjem
(this quote is by Matt Parker)

Decals (£) via Etsy

Von Koch curve - @MsSteel_Maths

Today I'm Feeling - @c0mplexnumber and @solvemymaths

Know Your Calculator - @teafairy79 

Classwiz posters - Casio

Vowel-less - @c0mplexnumber and @El_Timbre

Circle theorem wall (made by students)

Greek alphabet - @El_Timbre

Place value posters - @mathequalslove

Vinyls - @c0mplexnumber

Revision memes - @mrprcollins

Welcome banner - @mathequalslove

Maths symbolic alphabet - @MrsKimMcKee

Maths propaganda posters - @mr_g_walton

Numeracy Ninjas - @NumeracyNinjas
(display photos - @mrprcollins and @jonsmcest)

Number fact posters - @solvemymaths

Squares and cubes - @c0mplexnumber

Pi clock sign & other displays - @mathequalslove

Command Words - OCR

Command Words Posters - Miss Norledge

Women You Should Know - Nevertheless

Forces of Nature - Perimeter Institute

'I don't know what to do next' - @TheMathsMagpie

Maths symbols - @mathequalslove

Free printable maths posters - 

How to learn maths - @c0mplexnumber & @mathequalslove

Deadly sins of maths

The Faces Behind the Formulae - @c0mplexnumber

Exam Literacy Posters - @MrsHsNumeracy

Mathematical Timeline - @mhorley 

Mathematical Careers - laurencerackham


  1. So glad I stumbled upon this - I've been trying to collect examples of some of this kind of thing for my husband's secondary maths classes but all I've been able to turn up has been a lot of American based examples from Pinterest. Particularly loving the periodic tables and 'keep calm' posters - great! Thanks again for sharing this!

  2. Brilliant resources. Can't wait to make my classroom inspiring

  3. Awesome collection! Thank you