About Me

Hi, I'm Jo. I teach maths.

I graduated from UCL in 2002 with a 1st class honours degree in Statistics. I then worked in the City for seven years - starting with the graduate training programme at the Bank of England, then working at Barclays, Macquarie and UBS.

In 2009 I decided to try a more worthwhile and challenging career (read more about this decision in my post 'Why teach?'). I did a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics at Kings College London. I spent five years teaching at a girls' grammar school in Greater London, including a year as Key Stage 5 Coordinator. I then worked as a Lead Practitioner and Acting Joint Head of Faculty at Glyn School Epsom. In September 2018 I started working for Harris Federation as a Maths Consultant and in July 2019 I became Assistant Principal at Harris Academy Sutton. In September 2022 I changed role - I am now Director of Maths.

I've been sharing teaching ideas and resources on resourceaholic.com since April 2014. 

I tweet as @mathsjemI am a member of the AQA Maths Expert Panel, the MEI Curriculum Committee and Council of the Mathematical Association. I am a regular guest on Craig Barton's podcast

In December 2019 my book 'A Compendium of Mathematical Methods' was published.

I don't claim to be a brilliant teacher - I have a lot to learn - but I do know a lot about maths resources! I enjoy sharing teaching ideas. I like to be helpful, it makes me happy.

I have two daughters - Maddie and Hettie. My lovely husband Dan is an ODP (Operating Department Practitioner) at The Royal Marsden Hospital.  

If you'd like to know more about me, read my profile in the 'Behind the Mathematician' series and my case study on the MTPT Project website.

Contact Me
You can contact me through Twitter (@mathsjem) or email resourceaholic@gmail.com. Before making requests, please read my requests page.

You can download and comment on my own resources on TES. I've credited the authors of all other resources on this website where possible, apologies if I've missed anyone.

This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of my employer.

This blog is ad free, meaning it does not generate any income whatsoever. If you'd like to say thanks for the work I've put into it, you can buy me a drink here or sponsor me with a small monthly payment here (you lovely person!)

Achievements and Engagements






  • January 2019: Presented at Maths Hub Workgroup: A Level Pedagogy (Large Data Set)
  • January 2019: Presented to Harris NQTs on Mathematical Methods
  • January 2019: Presented on Indices in Depth at the ATM/MA London branch
  • January 2019: Featured in Edu-Tweeters for Primary School Teachers
  • January 2019: Interviewed for Seven Questions with... for the Cambridge Maths blog
  • January 2019: Guest on the Relatively Prime podcast
  • February 2019: Hosted and presented at the DfE's #teachmathsnorthants conference
  • February 2019: Hosted and presented at the Harris maths inset
  • March 2019: Knowledge Quiz Series on sale
  • March 2019: Organiser and host of Matt Parker's #humblepi book launch
  • March 2019: Presented Unit Conversions in Depth at #mathsconf18 
  • March 2019: Presented 'How to Solve an Adfected Quadratic' at the Habs Girls Conference
  • March 2019: Presented on methods at Educating Northants
  • March 2019: Recorded 'Conference Takeaways' Podcast with Craig Barton at Educating Northants
  • April 2019: Presented on the evolution of maths vocabulary at the ATM/MA Conference
  • April 2019: Recorded two 'Conference Takeaways' Podcast with Craig Barton at #ATMMA19
  • May 2019: Post featured in Schools Week Top Blogs of the Week
  • June 2019: Article on vulgar fractions published by La Salle Education
  • June 2019: Presented 'Multiplication Madness' at ResearchED Rugby
  • June 2019: Presented on the evolution of maths vocabulary at #mathsconf19
  • June 2019: Presented on resources at the MEI Conference
  • June 2019: Recorded 'Conference Takeaways' Podcast with Craig Barton at the MEI Conference
  • July 2019: Started working as Assistant Principal at Harris Academy Sutton
  • July 2019: Presented on methods at Kent & Medway Maths Hub Conference
  • July 2019: Featured in Craig Barton's podcast Slice of Advice: What did you learn this year?
  • July 2019: Featured in Twinkl's 'Top UK Education Blogs 2019'
  • August 2019: Ranked 6th in Vuelio's Top 10 UK Education Blogs 
  • September 2019: Featured in Tutor House's Top Resources for Teachers 2019 - 2020
  • September 2019: Presented on methods at #mathsconf20 in Edinburgh
  • October 2019: Presented on the Calculator Crisis at #mathsconf21 in Peterborough
  • October 2019: Ran Marvellous Maths with Craig Barton
  • December 2019: Book published: 'A Compendium of Mathematical Methods'
  • December 2019: Topics in Depth video podcast published by TES: Indices


  • January 2021: Presented on Teaching Quadratics at #mathsconfmini
  • January 2021: Pie Charts in Depth CPD published for LUMEN
  • January 2021: Presented on Thinking Tasks at White Rose Maths Secondary Maths Brunch
  • January 2021: Interviewed on Mr Barton Podcast
  • March 2021: Presented on GCSE Topics at #mathsconf25
  • April 2021: Presented 'What makes a good task?' at the MA's 2021 Conference
  • April 2021: Recorded #MAConf21 Conference Takeaways Day 1 podcast with Craig Barton
  • April 2021: Recorded #MAConf21 Conference Takeaways Day 2 podcast with Craig Barton
  • April 2021: Recorded #MAConf21 Conference Takeaways Day 3 podcast with Craig Barton
  • April 2021: Guest author at #GLTBookClub meeting 
  • May 2021: Guest editor of journal Mathematics in School
  • May 2021: Two articles published in Mathematics in School
    • "Choosing Denominators"
    • "Changes in Ratio: Concepts, Vocabulary and Methods"
  • June 2021: Presented on teaching in depth at #mathsconf26
  • August 2021: Presented on probability at #mathsconfmini2
  • September 2021: Presented 'Skimming the surface of the maths curriculum' at the researchED National Conference
  • October 2021: Presented on curriculum sequencing at #mathsconf27
  • November 2021: Angles in Polygons in Depth CPD published for LUMEN
  • December 2021: Published the video 'What secondary teachers should know about KS2 maths'

  • January 2022: Presented 'Making Sense of Deep Dive Feedback' at mathsconfonline.
  • January 2022: Presented at the London ATM/MA Branch on Depth and Curriculum
  • March 2022: Hosted and presented at #mathsted22
  • March 2022: Chapter published in the book 'If I could tell you one thing'
  • April 2022: Presented the opening plenary at The Mathematical Association Conference 2022
  • June 2022: Presented on challenge at #mathsconf29
  • July 2022: Presented at the MEI Conference on curriculum, depth, challenge and retrieval
  • October 2022: Presented on challenge at the Pixl maths conference
  • October 2022: Presented on challenge at Key Stage 3 at the Harris Federation conference
  • October 2022: Presented Area in Depth at #mathsconf30

  • January 2023: Recorded AQA's Topics in Depth videos with Craig Barton
  • March 2023: Presented on Pythagoras at #mathsconf31
  • April 2023: Presented at the Joint Maths Subject Associations Conference on calculators
  • May 2023: Presented on challenge at the Future Teaching Scholar's National Conference
  • June 2023: Presented at #mathsconf32 on challenge without acceleration
  • July 2023: Presented at the MEI Conference on task design
  • September 2023: Appeared on AQA's webinar, talking about Certificate in Further Maths
  • October 2023: Ran Marvellous Maths 3 with Craig Barton

  • March 2024: Presented 'Ten Strategies for Good GCSE Results' and took part in a panel discussion on 'Leading Maths' at #mathsconf34

Praise for Resourceaholic.com
"A good balance of humble, honest personal reflection with insight and analysis." ~ Tom Sherrington (@teacherhead) in this post.

"You can really see the time and commitment that has gone into this site." ~ @EduStaffGroup in this post.

"A resource rich blog totally rooted in teaching and learning containing resources covering topics at KS3, 4 and 5. Of particular note are the 'Maths Gems' signposting 5 specific resources or ideas in each". ~ @OCR_Maths in this list.

"Your blog has a profound effect on my teaching. It really is inspirational and has caused me to critically assess all my resources and the way I deliver topics". ~ Ben Salisbury, maths teacher (by email).

"She shares, she collates, she inspires. The Sunday evening chat #MathsTLP and her website resourceaholic.com are staples for any planning, across KS3, KS4 and KS5". ~ Emma Bell (@El_Timbre) in this post.

"This blog is filled with ideas and resources for teaching secondary mathematics. With everything from Star Wars puzzles to mathematical handwriting, it’s an award winning blog for all things maths." ~ Teachers Building Society in this article.

"It isn't the quantity and frequency of Jo's blogs that's the most remarkable, it's the quality..." ~ Matt Dunbar, Trinity Maths (via Twitter).

"Your blog has been an incredibly useful way to get mini-bouts of CPD. As a HoD it has been invaluable in helping me provide internal CPD to my own dept. We are all very grateful for all your help guiding us through the new GCSE this year" ~ Gurpreet Dhillow, Head of Maths (by email).

"It was fantastic to see that Jo (@mathsjem) Morgan won the UK Blog Award for her amazing Resourceaholic blog. It’s serious treasure trove of material and ideas about teaching maths. Again, a firm favourite blog style – talking about what we actually do in the classroom in detail." ~ Tom Sherrington (@teacherhead) in this post