28 October 2018

#LateMaths - thank you!

This is just a quick post to say thank you to everyone involved in my LateMaths event last night. I held a big mathematical party at The Fable in Central London to celebrate the launch of Ed Southall and Vincent Pantaloni's second book 'More Geometry Snacks'. Over 100 mathematicians came out in the freezing cold weather to join me - I'm very grateful to everyone who did so. Over the last four years I have increasingly felt part of a growing community of maths enthusiasts who have come together through social media - it's a wonderfully welcoming community and I am proud to be part of it.

I'd like to thank Ed Southall and Vincent Pantaloni for letting me hijack their book as an excuse to throw a party! It was lovely that their families got to see them signing so many books. Vincent's family had come all the way from France and Ed's family had come down from Yorkshire. Even though they have written two books together, it was the first time Ed and Vincent had met in person. Thank you to both of them for their excellent talks. There's nothing I like more than learning about triangles and Archimedes whilst drinking vodka on a Saturday night! Thank you also to Andrew from Tarquin for all his hard work in getting the books printed in time for the launch.
Waiting for my guests
With Vincent. The venue all ready to go.
With the authors Vincent and Ed
The authors with their new book, hot off the press

Our after dinner speaker was the wonderful Ben Sparks. His talk was absolutely awesome and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly the part with the human microphone stand!
Ben Sparks (plus Justice, with the microphones)

Thank you to my brilliant helpers Martin Noon, Natalie Palmer and Lizzie Stokes. Special mention to my ex-colleague and good friend Lizzie who ran the registration desk and sold earrings all night, and has helped me out at every event I have ever run. What a star.
Lizzie and Natalie
Me and Lizzie, plus Matt and Ben photobombing

We sold all 40 pairs of maths earrings - huge thanks to maths teacher Cara (who makes these herself) for letting me sell her designs.

Thank you to the people at The Fable. The venue was lovely - a book themed bar with mathematical light shades - and the bar staff were excellent.

Thank you to TD Dang and Matthew Scroggs from Chalkdust who brought along copies of their brilliant maths magazine and sold Chalkdust T shirts.

Thank you to Matt Parker, Katie Steckles and Zoe Griffiths from Think Maths for bringing along all sorts of mathematical goodies including awesome stuff from Maths Gear. Matt gave me a Dodecaplex Puzzle - it's driving me crazy. Somehow he managed to do it in seconds - I've been trying for hours and am totally clueless!
Matt Parker, me and Ben Sparks
Dodecaplex Puzzle from Maths Gear

All of this maths has really got me in the mood for the MathsJam Annual Gathering next month. It was lovely to see the organiser Colin Wright last night, even though he did confuse me with a very simple but brilliant magic trick.

Thank you to those of you who complimented my playlist! It was mainly stuff I liked when I was a grungy teenager in the 1990s - an acquired taste! I had fun making it.

I hope guests enjoyed the quiz - if you weren't there and want to have a go then you can download it here, along with all the quizzes and answers from my previous events. Seven teams submitted answers - all entries were very impressive. I'm pleased to announce that the winners were Martin Holtham (@GHSMaths), Christopher James (@TeacherBowTie) and Cindy Wells (@cindy44uk) with a score of 44 out of 49.

It takes a surprisingly huge amount of work to organise an event so I'm pleased it all came together well and people enjoyed themselves.

Do check out the tweets on the hashtag #latemaths to see more photos of the night. Thank you once again to all my guests for coming to support me at my fourth annual maths party. Let's do it again one day.


  1. Great event! Never thought I'd be discussing Geogebra spirals and maths with belly full from fish and chips and chocolate brownie. All while sipping IPA and Buck Rogers from Feeder blasting on the sound system. Great talks, superb friendly atmosphere and what a way to learn new things while socialising out on a Saturday night with like minded maths enthusiasts.

    1. Thank you! It means so much to me to get feedback like this! I’m so pleased you had a good night.