This page lists recommended resources for teaching algebraic topics at Key Stage 3/4.

Huge thanks to all individuals and organisations who share teaching resources.

Quick links:  Forming Expressions  |  Simplifying Expressions  |  Expanding Single Brackets  |  Expanding Double Brackets  |  Expanding Cubics  |  Factorising (Single Brackets)  |  Rearranging Formulae  |  Substitution  |  Linear Sequences  |  Non-Linear Sequences  |  Linear Equations  |  Inequalities  |  Quadratic Inequalities  |  Linear Graphs  |  Quadratics  |  Trial & Improvement  |  Iteration  |  Simultaneous Equations  |  Algebraic Fractions  |  Functions  |  Graphing Functions  |  Graph Transformations  |  Algebraic Proof and Identities  |  Equation of Circle & Tangent  |  Gradient of a Curve  |  Area under a Graph |  Revision

In addition to the resources listed below, see my blog post 'Introducing Algebra' for more ideas.

Forming Expressions

Simplifying Expressions
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One incorrect simplification - Median Don Steward
Expanding Single Brackets
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Expanding Double Brackets
Factorising (Single Brackets)
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Rearranging Formulae
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Substitution Grids (interactive) - Flash Maths 

Linear Sequences
Non-Linear Sequences 
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Steps to Solving Equations - MAP
Linear Equations
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Linear and Graphical Inequalities
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Introduction to Inequalities -
Quadratic Inequalities 
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Linear Graphs

Equations - gradient and intercept

Parallel and perpendicular

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Factorising Quadratics Practice from @DJUdall

Quadratic graphs - plotting, sketching and recognising

Forming and solving quadratic equations

Quadratic Formula

Completing the Square

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Quadratic discs - Colmanweb
Trial and Improvement

Simultaneous Equations
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Algebraic Fractions
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Functions (see blog post)
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Graphing Functions
Graph Transformations
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Algebraic Proof and Identities
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Equation of a Circle & Tangent to a Circle
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Gradient of a Curve 
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Using Graphs - CIMT
Area under a Graph 
Algebra Mixed/Revision

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