This page lists recommended resources for teaching algebraic topics at Key Stage 3/4.

Huge thanks to all individuals and organisations who share teaching resources.

In addition to the resources listed below, see my blog post 'Introducing Algebra' for more ideas.

Forming Expressions

Simplifying Expressions
One incorrect simplification - Median Don Steward
Expanding (Single Brackets)

Expanding Double Brackets

Factorising (Single Brackets)
'Sum Products' worksheet - Great Maths Teaching Ideas
Expanding Cubics (new GCSE)

Rearranging Formulae


Substitution Grids (interactive) - Flash Maths 

Linear Sequences

Non-Linear Sequences (new GCSE)
Steps to Solving Equations - MAP
Linear equations

Introduction to Inequalities -
Quadratic Inequalities (new GCSE)

Linear Graphs
Factorising Quadratics Practice from @DJUdall

Quadratic graphs - plotting, sketching and recognising

Forming and solving quadratic equations

Quadratic Formula

Completing the Square

Quadratic discs - Colmanweb
Trial and Improvement


Simultaneous Equations

Algebraic Fractions

Functions (new GCSE)

Graphing Functions

Graph transformations

Algebraic Proof

Equation of a Circle & Tangent to a Circle (new GCSE)

Gradient of a curve (new GCSE)
Using Graphs - CIMT
Area under a graph (new GCSE)

Algebra Mixed/Revision

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