Core AS

This page lists recommended resources for teaching Core Mathematics at AS level, categorised by topic. Please see my new A level support page for new A level topics.

Huge thanks to all individuals and organisations who share teaching resources.

Quick links:  Indices  |  Algebra  |  Surds  |  Quadratics  | Graphs and Functions  |  Arithmetic Series  |  Linear Graphs  |  Differentiation  |  Integration  |  Factor Theorem  |  Geometric Series  |  Logs  |  Circle Geometry  |  Binomial Expansion  |  Radians  |  Trigonometry  |  Revision

Task by Susan Wall
Algebra, equations and inequalities

Is it rational? - Maths Pad

    Mathematics Assessment Project

    Graphs and Functions
    Cubic graphs activity
    Arithmetic Progressions

    Coordinate Geometry - Linear Graphs
    Linear Equations Venn - Don Steward


    Factor Theorem and Algebraic Division

    True or false activity - 'Representing Polynomials' - Mathematics Assessment Project
    Geometric Progressions

    Logs (See my blog post on Logs for ideas and resources)
    Logs activity from Project Maths

    Coordinate Geometry - Circles

    Binomial Expansion


    Introduction to Trigonometric Functions - Project Maths

    Additional teaching resources, revision & assessment

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