20 May 2016

C2 Revision Resources

This is a quick post to share some resources for Edexcel C2 revision.

  • Revision Lesson Activities
Your students might enjoy my C2 Revision Relay.
I've made a C2 Revision Clock and Andy Winterbottom has made one too. See my previous post for more on revision clocks.
I've also made a Quick Facts Quiz which would work well as a revision lesson warm-up. The questions are taken from my C1 and 2 Revision Cards

  • Topic Focus
If your students need to practise a specific topic then try the topic papers on Maths Genie. Solutions are provided.
The topic assessments from Oxford University Press are also helpful for topic-focused practice. 

  • Papers
There are loads of C2 practice exam papers online, including past papers, Solomon papers and tiered papers.
Challenging papers are available from madasmaths.com. I have used loads of these this year!
Additional C2-style questions can be found on m4ths.comStudyWell and mathshelper.co.uk. m4ths.com also provides an Extension Practice Paper

I hope this is helpful.

I'll try my best not to get annoyed at the inevitable social media overreaction on Wednesday! Some of it is actually quite funny... #edexcelmaths

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