Problem Sets

This page contains sets of problems grouped by topic. It is recommended that the PDFs are printed on A3 paper for students to tackle in pairs. The PowerPoints show the original sources of the problems. Problems were collated by Jo Morgan (@mathsjem). They are aimed at 14 - 17 year olds.

Pythagoras -> PowerPoint  //  PDF  //  Answers

Indices -> PowerPoint  //  PDF

Surds ->  PowerPoint  //  PDF

Quadratics ->  PowerPoint  //  PDF

Equation of a circle ->  PowerPoint  //  PDF

More topics coming soon!

Quadratics Problem Set


  1. Do you have solutions available for these? They are excellent, i really think they would make the students think.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi. Sorry, I don't have all the answers in one place. If there's any specific answers that you want to check, please email

  2. Really nice set of problems! thank you !

  3. Hi Jo, I love these problems, thanks! Have you managed to make any more since this post?