25 May 2024

AI Maths Resources

I've been sceptical about the potential of AI to produce high quality resources. I'd much rather have a set of carefully crafted tasks created a skilled maths teacher than a worksheet of random repetitive questions churned out by artificial intelligence.

However, a new collection of resources has come to my attention that may start to change my mind.

Maths teacher Duncan Grantham contacted me to explain how he's been using Chat GPT to write LaTeX code to generate maths resources. The underlying ideas behind these resources are atomisation and depth. Duncan's goal is to make resources that are hugely detailed that anyone could pick up and use with very limited editing. There are examples for teachers to work through, questions and worksheets, answers and so on.

The first resource Duncan sent me is about prime factor decomposition. It starts with a whole series of non examples and examples just getting students to think about what product of primes actually means:

Then a series of questions around getting students to just read off the prime factorisation:

Then a bit of working backwards:

Before actually just doing it for real:

The second resource is about about solving linear equations.

It starts by getting students familiar with the definitions e.g. 'what is an equation?':

Some nice tasks about the properties of equations:

Thinking about what solving actually means:

Then learning about manipulating equations:

Thinking about inverse operations:

And then getting students to solve equations where they have to show working out:

Before ultimately something a bit more standard:

ChatGPT made these resources so there may be mistakes or things that don't make sense. 

But isn't it interesting what AI can do?

I think there are loads of good ideas here.

Duncan has shared these two resources:

If teachers find these helpful, he will continue to produce them and will share a large collection on his own website.


  1. Hi Jo, is there anywhere Duncan shows how to do this on chatgtp?

  2. Wow, I am amazed by the sequencing of steps here. My view of using ai has changed, would love to see more

  3. Hi both, if you want the code or want to chat to me then I'm now on twitter:


    I have quite a few more resources written in this level of depth that I'd love to share.