30 May 2023

5 Maths Gems #171

Welcome to my 171st gems post. This is where I share some of the latest news, ideas and resources for maths teachers.

1. GCSE Revision Update
There's no shortage of GCSE revision resources but I made another revision mat anyway, because I needed one for a revision session the day before Paper 2.

There are separate versions for Foundation and Higher and they can both be downloaded from TES.

There have been a number of predicted papers and topic checklists made following GCSE Paper 1. For Edexcel, Adam Creen has collated them all here.

My school does AQA and we'll be making use of the predicted papers from Maths Planner and 1st Class Maths in the between-exam period.

On the morning of Paper 2 and Paper 3 we'll use my breakfast revision resources. We did the same for Paper 1 - we had two hundred students warming up in the hall. There was a great buzz and the resources worked really well.

2. Probability
I'm teaching probability to Year 7 after half term. I'll be making use of @TickTockMaths' new resource.

I always like the style of Richard's PowerPoints - you can find the whole collection on ticktockmaths.co.uk.

@taylorda01 also shared a probability trees resource, part of his Backward Faded Maths collection. I find that this is a topic where some students need a lot of scaffolding.

3. Certificate in Further Maths
@draustinmaths has reorganised her website and added a new section for AQA's Level 2 Further Maths. Resources include a Stationery Points Fill in the Blanks and an Exact Trig Values Match Up.

This page is linked through my Further Maths page. 

4. Tasks
Thanks to @MiddletonMaths for sharing some resources on their Twitter feed. Two examples include a worksheet on finding the area of trapezia and one one prime factorisation, both created using the Pointon and Sangwin taxonomy.

5. Roots and Primes
I enjoyed this thread from @MathsImpact with ideas for tasks relating to roots and prime factorisation. Here are a couple of examples - read the thread for more.

I look forward to chatting to lots of maths teachers at two upcoming events:
  • #mathsconf32 in Derby on 24th June where I'm presenting 'Challenge without Acceleration'
  • The MEI Conference in Keele on 29th June where I'm presenting 'Good Task, Bad Task'.

I'll leave you with this new set of free resources from GeoGebra. This includes the addictive game 'What's Your Angle?', plus 'Find the Treasure' which might be nice when teaching coordinates at primary school, and 'Picking a Marble out a Jar' which might be useful when introducing probability.

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