4 October 2020

Recent Talks and Resources

This is just a quick post to share some links that you might find helpful.

On Thursday I did a short talk for the North-East Hampshire and Surrey Maths Hub on 'Teaching Maths in 2020: Challenges & Opportunities'. I don't have a recording of the actual presentation, but I did record my practice run (it's almost the same, but without the Q&A at the end).

In that presentation, I talked about my warm-up booklets (which are one of the best things I have ever introduced to my lesson routine!). I wrote about the idea in this post over summer. In the Q&A at the end of Thursday's presentation, I promised I'd share all my booklets (Year 7, 8 and 9). They can now be downloaded here. Just bear in mind that the Year 8 and 9 booklets are very specifically aimed at my particular classes (in terms of both the pitch and the topics).

On Saturday I attended La Salle's #mathsconf24, which was fantastic. I presented on Key Stage 3 Teaching. The slides can be downloaded here. As always, I think the slides are of limited use without hearing my commentary, so if you missed my workshop then (if you had a ticket to #mathsconf24) you will be able to watch my presentation on La Salle's website soon. 

I would like to share the video on my CPD channel once it's ready, but I don't know if La Salle will let me do that - I will find out.

After #mathsconf24 I recorded a conference takeaways podcast with Craig Barton. You can listen here.

In this podcast we announced our new CPD course which will be available online at the end of October (I'm lucky I get a two week October half-term - that should give me enough time to produce it!). More information will be available soon.

If you enjoyed my CPD this week then do check out my CPD playlist on YouTube.

And don't forget to check out my book, A Compendium of Mathematical Methods, which was published in 2019.

And finally, if you want to buy me a drink to say thanks for all of this, the link is here. 😃

Have a great week at school!

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