11 September 2016

5 Maths Gems #63

Welcome to my 63rd update from the world of Maths EduTwitter. This is where I share some of the latest ideas and resources for teaching maths.

I don't know about you, but my first week of term felt like a month! The summer holidays now seem like a distant memory. The start of the school year is always exciting but exhausting... how long until half term?!

1. Corbett Maths Revision Cards
The brilliant John Corbett has been hard at work producing a fantastic set of revision cards for Higher and Foundation GCSE. These cards are designed for the new GCSE specification and can be ordered here. On the back of each card you'll find QR codes linking to revision videos and practice questions. The feedback on Twitter has been excellent - people love these!
2. Pythagoras and That
Thanks to @GuideCalculator for sharing a GCSE revision website: pythagorasandthat.co.uk. This website is very visually pleasing! There are loads of nice graphics that I'm going to borrow for lessons.
3. Pi Display
I stumbled upon a Pi display. It's 1000 digits so would be 27 metres long if you used the whole thing! When I tweeted about this, @PeterHTodd shared his πthon classroom display. It's π to 314 decimal places - he recites it on Pi day!

4. Year 7 Assessments
The resources from the White Rose Maths Hub are incredibly helpful. I wrote about the Schemes of Learning in Gems 58. My boss recently asked me to write an assessment for Year 7 and I was pleased to see that White Rose Maths Hub have already made one that I can borrow. Their assessments for primary and secondary are here. The collection is growing so do follow them for updates.

This question is taken from their Year 7 Autumn Paper A:

5. New Pixi Website
I'm pleased to see that superstar TES resource maker @pixi_17 has launched her own website. I wrote about her new GCSE revision booklets in Gems 58. It's worth taking some time to explore her resources, which are all free. Her collection is growing - for example she is producing a set of intervention booklets which I'm sure many schools will find helpful.
I've been back in the classroom since Monday. I already have lots to talk about - watch out for future blog posts about my folder experiment with Year 11, my launch of Times Table Rock Stars, and how I'm coping with the marking workload for the 31 students in my Year 12 class.

I really hope to see all of you at #mathsconf8 in Kettering in three weeks. There are some excellent workshops lined up - check out the choices here. I'll be presenting on some new GCSE topics - if you're teaching Year 10 or 11 this year then do come along.
I'm really keen to launch my #christmaths16 event but a venue is keeping me waiting... Watch this space! 
Did you catch my latest post? I wrote about classic maths resources - it's been one of my most popular posts ever.

Also, check out the new series of posts on TES about the specifications and resources for the new GCSE.

If you're a fan of geeky stationery then you'll love the new Back 2 Skool range from Dunelm - it's very affordable too! 

I'll leave you with this question from Brilliant which might be helpful when teaching angles to Year 7. Can you spot the shortcut?

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