7 May 2016

See you there...?

I'm looking forward to speaking at four maths education events in the coming months.

Warwick 2016
Edexcel's conference 'Excellence in Mathematics: Into the Future' is in Warwick on Saturday 2nd July. I'm incredibly excited about this event because Hannah Fry is the keynote speaker. You may have seen Hannah on TV recently (on Horizon and Gogglebox!) - she is a lecturer at University College London and author of 'The Mathematics of Love'. I saw Hannah speak at a Mathematics in Action event a couple of years ago and it was outstanding - she's a brilliant speaker and I can't wait to see her again.

The rest of the conference promises to be excellent, including the pre-conference dinner which looks like fun (there's a pass the parcel!). Delegates will be able to choose three workshops, including sessions from my Twitter pals Mel (@Just_Maths) and Emma Bell (@El_Timbre). I'll be presenting on 'The Wonderful World of Maths Resources' - I've enjoyed planning this presentation, it's a bit different to anything I've done before.

The cost of this conference is £185 (or £220 if you want to stay the night before). It's worth asking your school to fund this, it's a good price for a whole day of quality CPD and because the conference is on a Saturday you won't miss a day of school.
Two events for A level teachers
On Friday 8th July I'll be speaking at the FMSP's annual London KS5 Network Day. This is a popular event for A level maths teachers in London. For FMSP registered schools it's only £50 for two teachers. In my session I'll be focusing on resources and ideas for teaching the core A level modules. There will also be sessions on statistics and mechanics and an update on the new A level (by then we will have seen specifications and sample material).
Tom Bennison, Tom Wicks and Ria Symonds are hosting the East Midlands Key Stage 5 Mathematics Conference in Nottingham in the summer holidays. It's on Tuesday 9th August and costs a mere £25. I'll be speaking about A level resources and I'm looking forward to attending the other sessions too.
LIME Oldham
I'm very impressed by Lindsey Bennett's brilliant work supporting maths teachers. Her free LIME (Leaders Improving Mathematics Education) events are held after school in Oldham - recent speakers include Don Steward, Colin Hegarty and Craig Barton. I'll be making my way to Manchester on Monday 20th June to speak about mathematical methods. I did a workshop on methods at #mathsconf2015 - my session at LIME will be similar but I'll be focusing on new GCSE topics, including alternative methods to find the nth term of a quadratic sequence and solve a quadratic inequality. Come along to explore and evaluate which methods and explanations work best.
There are a number of other events happening over the coming months, including researchED Maths and Science on 11th June (which has now sold out), the MEI Conference (I went last year and loved it - read about that here) and La Salle's Complete Mathematics Conference in Leeds on 25th June (I'm disappointed that I won't be able to attend - these conferences are always good).

All upcoming conferences for UK maths teachers are listed here. Have I missed anything?

See you at an event soon!


  1. TeachMeetMaths is happening in Peterborough on the 14th of June.... https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/teachmeetmaths-tickets-24702298239 :)