8 May 2016

C1 Revision Activity

The revision clock idea has become incredibly popular now that it's revision season. It originated from @teachgeogblog back in October and was introduced to the maths world by Mel (@Just_Maths) in her post 'Keeping Time'. I shared the idea at my school's weekly staff briefing on Tuesday and it's now being used in a number of subjects across the school.

If you teach Year 12 then you might like to borrow my C1 revision clock which I have uploaded to TES. I've made two versions. The easier version took some of my students 30 - 40 minutes to complete. Others were working on it for the full 60 minutes.

I felt that I probably hadn't made it challenging enough for students aiming for a top grade, so I've now made a harder version which draws questions from MadAsMaths.com's IYGB papers. This one should take the full hour.

Question from MadAsMaths.com IYGB C1 Practice Paper X

(By the way, thanks to @icecolbeveridge, I now know what IYGB stands for. I wonder if you can guess. It's a reference to the difficulty of the papers...).

Both versions of my C1 Revision Clock are editable so you can tweak the questions if they're not suitable.

The revision clock activity allows students to practise working under timed conditions and keeps them on task and engaged throughout the revision lesson. It's worth trying if you haven't already - it works for any age group.

All my other resources can be viewed through my TES 'shop' - they are all free, of course. If you're looking for other revision ideas for A level and GCSE then check out my blog posts:

Not long to go! Less than two weeks until C1... eek.


  1. I have now added C3 and C4 revision clocks to TES: www.tes.com/teaching-resource/c3-revision-clock-11273758
    and www.tes.com/teaching-resource/c4-revision-clock-11273768

  2. Hi Jo - thank you. I love these. Have you tried with year 11 at all? I'd love to see a completed GCSE one.

    1. Hi Jo. My colleagues have been doing them with Year 11 - I'm too busy trying to teach content! I will try one with Year 11 next week. Check out my recent Gem Awards post for a GCSE example...

    2. Hi Jo
      Tried this with year 11 - worked really well. Going to try to make algebra and
      number versions.Thank you

    3. That's great! Thanks Jo.

  3. Mark Greenaway has tweaked my C1 revision clock, in case you want a version where the questions are printed on the clock itself: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rydfofae10vtrbm/AACXqwDdzapaAtdxEbC6ty8Sa?dl=0