6 April 2016

5 Maths Gems #54

This is my 54th update from the world of Maths EduTwitter. If you're not a tweeter, or you've been away over Easter and you're wondering what you missed, here's a summary of some of the latest resources for teaching maths.

1. Algebra by Example
In response to my blog post about whether posters ever work well in maths lessons, Chris K (@k_sirhc) shared the Strategic Education Research Partnership's maths website. It contains poster problems and a range of resources called 'Algebra by Example' which are worth a look.

There are 42 short activities that could be used as starters, exit tickets, assessments, homeworks or prompts for class discussion. Each activity involves commenting on another student's work and then answering a similar question. Here's an example:
2. Deepening Understanding
Ben (@DUMaths) is a Year 6 teacher who has recently launched a new website deepeningunderstanding.co.uk containing maths resources aimed at Year 6 students. There's some lovely stuff here and the collection is growing.
3. GCSE revision
Steve (@m4thsdotcom) from m4ths.com is always making useful resources. He has recently published a Foundation booklet and a Higher booklet for Year 11, full of practice questions for all the 'must know' content. I'm always impressed by the efficient use of space in Steve's resources, to minimise photocopying costs.
4. UEA Resources
This week I discovered a set of maths resources from UEA Study Advice (@uea_let) which are suitable for GCSE and A level.

There are some nice worksheets here - I've added some of them to my resource libraries. For example this Sine and Cosine Rule activity is good for practice and consolidation.

5. Questioning
Thanks to Amie Albrecht (@nomad_penguin) for sharing '100 questions that promote mathematical discourse' from @johnASMS and @miss_seh.


My Easter holidays are nearly over - back to school on Monday for an unusually long summer term. Exam season is almost upon us.

Over the holidays I've spent time preparing presentations for some of the events I'll be speaking at during the Summer Term -  Maths in the Sticks, LIME Oldham and Edexcel's Warwick Conference.

If you missed any of my recent posts, here are the links:

I'll leave you with this lovely poster from @mathforge. You can download it here.


  1. A true gem Jo! Thank you for sharing these wonderful resources. I love the 100 questions and the poster problems. The Foundation revision booklet is my first lesson back planned!! Enjoy the last couple of days of the holiday :)

  2. Hello, I came across the Sine / Cosine rule activity in this post. I don't think it is correct. I started with the triangle on the left and the angle between sides with lengths 10 and 5 comes out at 117 degrees which is obviously too large as it is part of a right-angle.

    1. I get 23 degrees for that angle, not 117. This is a really nice example of the 'ambiguous case' for the Sine Rule. There are two possible solutions for the other angle in the triangle (43 or 137). It is obtuse so must be the latter.