1 July 2014

Resource Library: Complex Numbers

I've been writing this blog for two months now and haven't yet figured out exactly what I want to do with it. In my previous post, Resources Anonymous, I admitted I have a serious resource addiction. Based on the popularity of that post, I think I might make this blog primarily a resource library. So you can come here to look for resources and ideas when you're planning lessons. Would that be helpful? I like to be helpful. I suppose that's why I became a teacher.

Today I'm focusing on complex numbers. Although not widely studied in UK secondary schools (only by Further Maths students), there's certainly no shortage of teaching resources online - here's some highlights:

Finally, fun for teachers and students alike - here's a nice Complex Adding Maze and Nrich has a Complex Countdown game! Enjoy.

What topic would you like me to feature next? Please tweet me your requests!

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