28 June 2014

Resources Anonymous

'Hello. My name is Jo and I'm a resourceaholic'. Yes, I confess, I'm utterly addicted to searching the internet for maths teaching resources.

It all started when I saw a PGCE student photocopying this Trigonometry Pile Up activity from greatmathsteachingideas.com. I work in a grammar school where pupils respond quite well to didactic teaching styles and textbooks exercises - arguably there's nothing wrong with this approach, but the lovely Trigonometry Pile Up worksheet reminded me that the internet is full of engaging resources and exciting teaching ideas. I started spending a lot of time looking for resources online and sharing these resources with colleagues. It became a bit of an obsession! Unfortunately my colleagues found it all rather overwhelming. And they're right - there's so many resources to choose from, no-one has the time to look at them all. So it's helpful when someone does the searching, filtering and classifying for us.

William Emeny recently posted a link to 'Mathematics 101: Leading Sites for Math Teachers' on his blog. Ooh, new websites! Heaven for a resourceaholic.

I haven't had a chance to look at all these websites yet, but here's some of my top resource recommendations from the websites I've looked at so far. I've focused on A level because that's where I think it's hardest to find interesting teaching ideas.

Statistics 1 
Illustrative Mathematics has some fantastic ideas for teaching S1. Here's a selection of examples:

Core 1 and 2

Finally, I thought it might be helpful to share this quadratic activity 'Find the coordinates' - my school uses this on Sixth Form Induction Day in our maths taster sessions (thanks to Susan Wall at Wilberforce College for this activity).

I'll continue to work my way through the website list and will feature recommended Key Stage 3 and GCSE resources in later posts.

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