23 September 2023

Essential CPD for Maths Teachers

Marvellous Maths 3 takes place in October and we're delighted that so many teachers are going to join us.

If you've not attended a day of maths CPD before, I think you'll be surprised by just how inspiring these events can be. You'll leave this course excited to get back to your classroom and buzzing with ideas to share with your team.

You'll learn a lot from just being in a room full of maths teachers all day. It's a great opportunity to share ideas, hear about the challenges facing other schools, and extend your network (this is very useful when looking for new teaching jobs or trying to find candidates for your vacancies!).

It's not just about the networking - we also have top quality content in our workshops. If you've previously seen me speak about challenge, methods or resources then don't worry - I have lots of fabulous new things to share with you! And if you've not seen Craig Barton present before, then you're in for a treat. Craig is an amazing speaker. His workshops are always ridiculously enjoyable and packed full of brilliant ideas.

We don't only have six great workshops for you, we also have representatives from both AQA and OUP, sharing loads of information and resources.

Lots of people have booked to attend with colleagues, but plenty of others are coming by themselves and will share ideas when they return to school.

If you've not put in a CPD request at your school before, now's the time. School do have CPD budgets. Developing maths teachers should be one of their top priorities, particularly given it's so difficult to recruit. And if you're worried about setting cover, if it's the week before your half-term break then it's good timing for an end of unit assessment, which is very easy cover work to set.

Visit mathscpd.weebly.com for more information, and do get in touch if you have any questions. Tickets are selling fast so book now. And... I don't want to make it a competition between regions but... The South is definitely winning at the moment!

We can't wait to see you all there!

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