15 January 2022



Since I started researching Ofsted's recent maths feedback for my upcoming conference session, I've been contacted by teachers who are curious about how Ofsted would view particular aspects of their practice. For example, some people think that Ofsted favours mixed ability over sets, and some people think that Ofsted favours certain teaching styles over others. We're all aware that Ofsted's focus is currently on curriculum, but it's hard to know what elements of our curriculum design and delivery they might find fault with. We want to do the very best we can for our students, but in the absence of detailed guidance which directly tells us what best practice looks like, it can be difficult to know whether we're getting it right. 

My own school is expecting an Ofsted inspection imminently, so I thought it would be wise to talk to people who actually know what Ofsted are interested in, rather than trying to guess. So I contacted Steve Wren, the excellent Maths Subject Lead at Ofsted, and invited him to come and speak at my school. 

As it's my 'mathsjem philosophy' to support all maths teachers as much as I can, not just my own colleagues, I decided to make an event of it. If you live in London or the South East, then read on!  

I'm holding an after-school event on Thursday 3rd March from 5pm to 7pm. This will take place at my school which is in Sutton (South London/Surrey area). Steve Wren will speak first, and then I will follow him with a talk on depth, challenge and retrieval. AQA have kindly sponsored this event, meaning the tickets are free. 

I welcome Heads of Maths and maths teachers from the local area to come along (or from further away, if you can get there by 5pm on a school day). You can either come on your own or with your team - all welcome! 

It's followed by optional drinks in the local pub (weeknight drinks, so nothing heavy!).

I appreciate that the time and location won't suit everyone (that would be impossible), but of course other teachers could set up similar events in their local area if they wish to. 

I don't have Ofsted's permission to film/stream this event, so please don't request this. Sorry!

Hope to see you there! It's been a while since I hosted an event so I'm looking forward to this.


  1. Hi Jo, this looks great. Is it mainly secondary focused or will there be any links to primary? Thanks for all you do!

    1. Hi. I think the ideas are probably transferable to primary, but really this is aimed at secondary teachers, sorry!

  2. Dear Jo, Thank you so much for running this event, I'm certain it will be a roaring success and so helpful to all that attend. If you are taking names for a waiting list, I would really love to be put on it. If possible, I can send my details.