6 June 2020

5 Maths Gems #129

Welcome to my 129th gems post. This is where I share some of the latest news, ideas and resources for maths teachers.

1. Induction Booklet
Miss H (@MissJHE_) made a induction booklet for Year 6 which she shared here. It includes loads of activities for her new joiners to do over summer, plus an introduction to the maths teachers in her department. Inspired by this, I created my own version - I have used loads of Miss H's ideas, so she has saved me a lot of time - I am very grateful to her for sharing this on Twitter.
2. Distance
Richard Perring (@LearningMaths) shared a lovely question, and @MathyMahdi replied with a brilliant gif:

3. Learning Journeys
A few big pieces of curriculum work have been shared on Twitter recently. They must have taken absolutely ages to produce, so thank you to these teachers for sharing. 

@MrPatFerrers149 shared his school's Maths Learning Journey which can be viewed here.

@JaggersMaths shared editable learning journeys to accompany her massive five year scheme of work which she has recently made freely available for other schools to borrow and adapt. 

This was produced using @nathanday314's editable template.

@GemmaHeald made a curriculum map for her students which is available here

4. Slow Reveal Graphs
Thanks to this post by @benorlin I discovered the website slowrevealgraphs.com by @jennalaib. First read Ben's post, then check out the website. It's packed full of data literacy resources that are perfect for those 'what do you notice?' discussions.

5. Tasks 
@ChrisMcGrane84 has shared some excellent tasks on his blog startingpointsmaths.com that are well worth a look. Here's an example: a task on multiplication and division by multiples of 10 (see the blog post for the full task).

Chris has a book on mathematical task design coming out this summer.

Upcoming CPD Opportunities
  • Tom Manners (@Mannermatics) has announced a new series of interviews named '#ResourceFULL' which focus on maths resources. He has a number of guests lined up. I will be appearing on this at 8pm on 17th June.
  • La Salle's virtual #MathsConf23 will take place on 20th June. There's a great line-up of speakers and some really interesting sessions planned. It's now sold out (three thousand delegates!). You can buy your raffle ticket for this event (and support Macmillan Cancer) here.
  • Seneca will be running a free mini-maths conference on the morning of 4th July. Book your place here.

Don't forget that my YouTube channel is full of free CPD, and the Seneca course for my book - which has so far been completed by over 1300 people - is also totally free (if you enjoyed it please buy my book, and leave me a nice Amazon review!).

Finally, it has recently come to my attention that some teachers are not aware of a couple of excellent websites that have been around forever - if you're new to teaching and your training provider didn't tell you much about where to get resources, please check out my old post Classic Resources. In particular, it's worth knowing that CIMT has a load of interactive materials for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 (examples and exercises with no login required) that teachers might find helpful when setting remote learning. 

I'll leave you with this word search from Frank Tapson's Teacher Resources on Line. Can you follow the maths words though this maze?


  1. I love Miss H and your induction booklets and totally plan to steal it for our department. What is the beautiful typeface for the "Maths" on the front cover. It looks much better than anything I have in word :)

    1. I think you'd have to tweet her to ask - I wondered the same thing! It's a very nice font. I do a lot of design work (e.g. newsletters) in Canva to get nice fonts!