7 June 2018

GCSE Breakfast Warm Ups: The Final Set

Following on from my previous two posts about breakfast warm up activities, I have now published the final set of resources here (Set B):

Breakfast GCSE Warm Ups - Calculator

As with the last set, there are two levels for Foundation and two levels for Higher. Each sheet contains 20 quick questions which I've not numbered so that students can work on them in any order. I hope these help students feel confident going into the exam next Tuesday.

These resources are suitable for all awarding bodies. I have designed them to be used every year for the foreseeable future - they are definitely not tailored for this year's exams. If you want to edit these resources to remove topics that have already come up in Papers 1 and 2, feel free - I have provided Word versions so you can do so.

Do keep an eye on Adam Creen's (@adamcreen) very helpful annual blog post for updates on resources specifically designed for next week's Paper 3.

Good luck! We're on the home straight now.

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