15 February 2018

Old Textbook Exercises

This is the last in my series of three posts sharing the work of a team of teachers who have been busy typing up exercises from a 1950s algebra textbook.

In today's post I've provided links for two topics:
A. Directed Numbers 
B. Factorising and Expanding. 

For each exercise I've included an extract so you can preview the type of questions covered. The idea is not necessarily to use these exercises in their entirety. They are provided in Word format so it's easy to copy and paste extracts and examples to use in class.

1. Use of Directed Numbers - with thanks to Dee Vijayan (@DeeVijayan)
2. The Products of Directed Numbers - with thanks to Alice Dwyer (@littlemissdwyer)
3. Quotients of Directed Numbers - with thanks to Dee Vijayan (@DeeVijayan)
4. Easy Brackets I - with thanks to Michael Devine (@FitzchivalryF)
5. Miscellaneous Easy Brackets - with thanks to Dan Rodriguez-Clark (@InteractMaths)
6. Factors by Grouping - with thanks to Paul Rodrigo (@PaulRodrigo2718)
7. Miscellaneous Factors - with thanks to Dan Rodriguez-Clark (@InteractMaths)

I will add these exercises to my resource libraries. Huge thanks to the teachers who typed these up, I really appreciate it.

Here are my two previous posts from this series:

I hope these are helpful. 


  1. Hi Jo, these are so useful! The Products of Directed Numbers link appears to be broken - any ideas?!

    1. Sorry for the slow reply. Here you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wMw4t6VrbxC2BckcQLa4rNhCkvxlT8iH/view