7 February 2018

Algebra Exercises

A few weeks ago I published a post called 'Equations Exercises' in which I shared some exercises that have been typed up from a 1950s algebra textbook. In my opinion these are well written exercises with a good level of stretch and challenge. The idea is not necessarily to use these exercises in their entirety. They are provided in Word format so it's easy to copy and paste extracts and examples to use in class.

In today's post I've provided links to another set of exercises from the same textbook. They cover simplifying algebra, including index laws and algebraic fractions. There's also an exercise on substitution and one on writing algebraically. For each exercise listed below I have included an extract so you can preview the type of questions covered.

1. Notation, Addition and Subtraction I and II - with thanks to Katie Pollard (@takepi21)

2. Notation, Multiplication and Indices I - with thanks to Phil Bruce (@pbrucemaths)

3. Notation, Multiplication and Indices II - with thanks to Daniel Udall (@DJUdall)

4. Simple Powers - with thanks to Larissa Alsford (@lolsford)

5. Notation - Division - with thanks to Caroline Beale (@cbealemaths)

6. Simple Multiplication of Fractions - with thanks to Alice Dwyer (@littlemissdwyer)

7. Simplification of Fractions by Factors II - with thanks to Sandra Douglas (@mathsbox1)

8. Easy Fractions, Substitution - with thanks to Steve Bishop (@stevebishop100)

9.  Translation I and II - with thanks to Ben Gordon (@mathsmrgordon)

I'll publish one more set of exercises next week - some on directed numbers, and some on factorising and expanding.

Huge thanks again to the teachers who typed these exercises up. I really appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this. Excellent teamwork!


  1. I'm a little confused ... what does "excess" mean? e.g The excess of b over a - how would we word that today?

  2. Sounds to me like "remainder". Perhaps they want you to write it as remainder/divisor?