27 September 2017

5 Maths Gems #77

Welcome to my 77th gems post. This is where I share some of the latest news, ideas and resources for maths teachers.

1. Interactive Manipulatives
Jonathan Hall (@StudyMaths) is the creator of the excellent website mathsbot.com. I blogged about the features of MathsBot last year. Jonathan has recently added lots of new content to MathsBot, including a set of virtual manipulatives which are well worth exploring. They are very helpful for demonstrating things on the board before students have a go with actual manipulatives, such as algebra tiles and Dienes Blocks.

2. Revision Maze
A quadratics worksheet from CrashMaths caught my eye on Twitter so I explored some of their other resources. I discovered this lovely GCSE revision maze for the higher tier. You can download it from their website with solutions. I have added this to my collection of GCSE 9 - 1 revision resources.

3. AQA A Level Resources
AQA has launched its A level maths e-library. I put a lot of work into this project so I really hope it's useful. It's a great place to search for resources when teaching the new A level. AQA has also published a new set of topic tests for A level.
Links to these topic tests and other new A level resources can be found on my New A Level Support page.

4. Stickers
Have you seen these amazing stickers from Maths Gear? Take a minute to read through them. I love maths jokes! 
If you're ever buying a present for a maths teacher, I recommend two brilliant websites for mathsy gifts: mathsgear.co.uk and presentindicative.com.
5. Rolling Numbers
Naveen Rizvi (@naveenfrizvi) shared a blog post about introducing rolling numbers at her new school. It's worth reading about how she motivated reluctant students. Rolling numbers is a fantastic way of improving students' fluency in times tables. You can download the lyrics from Bruno Reddy's blog.

Here's Naveen in action. Impressive!

Also check out this video of @tkendalluk rolling numbers at Michaela Community School. This was shared by Jo Facer on Twitter.

I've taken on two new jobs at school and have had lots going on every weekend in September, so I've really struggled with workload this month. Hopefully things will start to calm down a bit now.

I was very pleased to be co-opted as Chair of the MA's Publicity and Media Committee and am looking forward to getting stuck into the role during October. It's a really exciting position and I am honoured to have been appointed.

A few months ago I blogged about the importance of joining the MA. Recent rumours that our profession might lose the FMSP - one of our most highly valued organisations - means it is now more important than ever to join the MA. We need to come together as a profession to make our voices heard. Please join if you haven't already.

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of maths teachers at #mathsconf13 in Sheffield this Saturday, and at the pre-conference drinks on Friday night. I will be presenting on angles in parallel lines, as part of the project I described here. There are only a few spaces left in my workshop so if you want to come along and haven't chosen your workshops yet, please do.

In case you missed them, here are my recent posts:

I also updated my new A level resources page and my Topics in Depth page, and I've added a few new Pret homeworks (thanks to continuing generous contributions!).

In October I will be presenting on resources at the Power of Six Conference in London. Do check this one out - tickets are now only £50 and there are some excellent speakers lined up to present.

Finally, don't forget to book tickets for the Festival of the Spoken Nerd Tour! I'll be at the Redhill performance on 12th October. Can't wait!

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