23 December 2016

Merry #christmaths16

I have a lot of people to thank! 

Thank you to all 110 wonderful maths teachers who came to my event yesterday. I hope you had a great time.

Thank you to Andrew Jeffrey, the brilliant mathemagician who performed a fantastic show for us.

Thank you to all the individuals and organisations who kindly donated prizes and freebies - this was very much appreciated by all.

Thank you to the Science Museum, particularly Roderick and Sergi at the Media Space Cafe and the awesome Dr Kenny Webster, Head of Learning Operations. They were helpful, generous, professional and welcoming and I couldn't have done it without them.

Finally, thank you to everyone who helped to make my event run smoothly, particularly Lizzie and Gareth who were absolute superstars on the day.

It's so lovely to see maths teachers enjoying themselves at Christmas.

The Galleries
I was really pleased that the Science Museum provided #christmaths16 guests with free access to the WonderLab, so we had two mathsy galleries to explore on the day. The WonderLab is where all the fun interactive maths and science stuff takes place. It was a lovely space full of excited children. If you're going to take a school trip to the Science Museum (you can take a whole year group at once, free of charge), you'd spend time in both the Winton Gallery and the WonderLab. They also run free 20 minute maths and science shows in the WonderLab.
I didn't get much time to explore the Winton Gallery myself (I was too busy organising things!) but I will return there in the New Year. Check out the tweets in this Storify to see lots of pictures of #christmaths16 guests enjoying both the Winton Gallery and the WonderLab.
The Reception
For the reception we all had a glass of bubbly and a couple of mince pies in the Media Space Cafe.
Everyone got stuck into my quiz (more about that in a minute...) while Rob (@RJS2212) was presented with a fantastic birthday cake by Julia (@tessmaths). Meanwhile, I spent some time fighting off members of the public who thought that they were entitled to free alcohol (!).

We enjoyed a brilliant magic show from Andrew Jeffrey, which involved tearing playing cards in half!
We finished with a calculator-assisted raffle, with loads of amazing prizes.

If you weren't at #christmaths16 then you can have a go at my quiz here (last year's quiz is there too). There were some excellent and varied answers. It was a close call to choose the winners, but the glory goes to Lizzie, Amelia, Christina and Chris.

Quite a few people went to the Hereford Arms for dinner and drinks in the evening, with a brave few venturing out afterwards into the early hours of the morning. I got a taxi home and was in by midnight!

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to another successful Christmas event for maths teachers. Do check out my Storify here. If you didn't come, I hope you're able to visit the Science Museum soon to check out the all the mathsy goodness.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Christmaths', now that is a good pun! So glad to hear that your event went great. Being a math fan I'd love to attend events of such kind.