25 October 2016

5 Websites You Should Know... #2

I'm writing a new series of posts about five maths teaching websites that you may not be familiar with. My previous post was about the brilliant Corbettmaths.com.

The second website that I'm featuring is relatively new. I first wrote about MrCarterMaths.com in Gems 55 back in April 2016. Since then its content has grown considerably, though the website has retained its lovely sleek design.

The best thing about this website is how easy it is to use, which makes it perfect for busy teachers who don't have time to login and search through complicated websites to download resources. It has two simple menus: Differentiated Topics and Worksheets.

Differentiated Topics
The writer of this website is Darren Carter, a maths teacher from Sheffield. He has created bronze, silver and gold questions for a large number of topics.

Each page of questions follows the same simple format. Here's an example for changing the subject:

and here are a couple more examples: factorising quadratics and surds with brackets.
The questions are designed for fluency practice. There's no adverts and no clutter so these are suitable to display in the classroom using a projector. The menu system is so straightforward, the questions can be accessed instantly during a lesson when required. There are two simple buttons: one to generate new questions and one to reveal answers.

I tend not to use bronze, silver and gold questions in my lessons but I still find this website incredibly useful. I was recently planning a lesson on quadratic inequalities for Year 11 and wanted to give them five factorising questions as a starter, so I visited MrCarterMaths.com and did a quick screenshot of five questions and answers. This website is a great time saver in many ways.

Darren is adding new topics all the time, and even takes requests for topics through Twitter! What a star. It's great that he has started adding new GCSE topics - check out iteration, functions and quadratic sequences... and keep an eye out for more topics over the coming months.

The second section of MrCarterMaths.com features worksheets. These are useful if you don't have a projector or if you prefer students to have questions printed out. You select a difficulty level and a topic then print off a worksheet straight away. Again, these are straightforward, sensible worksheets for fluency practice.

The beauty of this website is its ease of use. It has quickly become very popular amongst teachers on Twitter, and word is now spreading further afield. The range of topics covered continues to increase all the time - follow @MrCarterMaths for updates. Huge thanks to Darren Carter for putting so much effort into building a lovely website that is such a time saver for teachers.

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