13 July 2016

Mathsy Gifts: The Sequel

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about mathsy gifts for teachers. Today's post is a sequel - it features a small selection from the vast range of cool, beautiful and quirky mathsy gifts available from Etsy. Be warned, if you're based in the UK and you actually want to buy any of this, much of it ships from the US.

1. Shot glasses from 'Designer Science Gifts' Etsy seller CognitiveSurplus

2. Pi bow tie from 'Fun Fandom Bows' Etsy seller dexlarprice

3. Cookie cutters from 'Literary, Anatomical & Custom cookie cutters' Etsy seller BoeTech (some of their cookie cutters are bizarre).

4. Math dress for children from Etsy seller Hunter and Fox
5. Triangle Club Poster for a maths classroom from quirky Etsy seller cakeswithfaces

6. Graph Paper Towel (a tea towel!) from Etsy seller of 'Mindful and Playful Home Goods' dirtsastudio. Check out their full range of products - they have lovely stuff for English teachers too.
7. Maths Rocks Tank Top from Etsy seller TheGunsofBrixton1979

8. Pi Poster - one of many beautiful posters from Etsy seller QuantumPrints

9. A Guide to Regular Polygons from Etsy seller JamesBrownPrints.

10. Maths Teacher Shoes - are you brave enough to wear these?! From Etsy seller ibleedheART

Isn't the internet wonderful?


  1. I love these gift ideas. Have you seen Newton & the apple on Etsy. This is a UK based shop, the lady who runs it is amazing. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/NewtonAndTheApple/items

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