27 December 2015

Top of the Blogs

This post recommends ten maths education blog posts from 2015.

Post: Taking Back the F Word
Author: Ed Southall (@solvemymaths)
Why you should read it: To see that you don't need gimmicks to make maths fun. You just need really good questions.

Post: US vs. UK: Mathematical Terminology
Author: Ben Orlin (@benorlin)
Why you should read it: Because it's both entertaining and interesting, like all of Ben's posts.

Post: Maths everywhere
Author: Bodil Isaksen (@BodilUK)
Why you should read it: Because it gives you a taste for how maths is taught at Michaela. It's unusual, controversial and fascinating.

Post: 10 things you might not have realised about the new Primary Maths curriculum
Author: Michael Tidd (@MichaelT1979)
Why you should read it: It's essential that Key Stage Three teachers know what's going on at Key Stage Two.

Post: In Praise of Being Boring
Author: Dani Quinn (@danicquinn)
Why you should read it: How would you feel if your students described your lessons as boring? Does it matter? Dani's perspective is interesting - she describes "a satisfying boredom that is part of the journey to a worthwhile goal".

Post: The Pain of Problem Solving...
Author: Andy Lyons (@mrlyonsmaths)
Why you should read it: To learn about Andy's practical approach to developing problem solving skills in reluctant students.

Post: A Singapore-UK standoff: textbook round
Author: Bodil Isaksen (@BodilUK)
Why you should read it: To see how different two maths textbooks can be.

Post: Maths Mindsets: My Y10s
Author: Tom Sherrington (@headteacherguru)
Why you should read it: You will find yourself nodding along, picturing your own students for each of the mindsets Tom describes. We have our work cut out...

Post: Supercalifragilistic First Time I Taught Quotient
Author: Dan Draper (@MrDraperMaths)
Why you should read it: Dan's honest and witty style of writing is always a pleasure to read. "The way I was slapping some maths words on the board at the start of a lesson, never to be seen or heard of again, does nothing to improve literacy". His new approach to literacy in maths lessons is spot on.

Post: 10 reasons why it's a great time to be a maths teacher
Author: Ed Southall (@solvemymaths)
Why you should read it: To remind yourself why being a maths teacher is awesome. Read it the day before the start of term and you'll turn up at work raring to go.

I've limited myself to ten posts here, but I could keep going all day! The fact that most of my favourite bloggers aren't even mentioned here is testament to how much excellent maths blogging has taken place during 2015. I learn so much from these blogs and I really appreciate the time and effort that is put into sharing insights and ideas.

If you want to start reading education blogs but you don't know where to start, I recommend following the Maths Echo Chamber (@MathsEcho) which automatically shares links to all new UK maths blog posts.

I hope you've found my list helpful. I'd love to know what your favourite posts from 2015 were, so please share!

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