14 October 2015

Christmaths Party!

I'm very excited to announce the details of my Christmaths Party which takes place on Monday 21st December in London.

I got the idea for this event when I was planning a lesson on truncating decimals for my Year 10 class. A couple of colleagues looked over my shoulder and asked what I was doing -  they weren't aware that this topic is on the new GCSE specification. This made me realise that maths teachers need more support. Over the last year we've been overwhelmed with information about the new qualifications and now we're on the front line delivering the content all by ourselves. Over the next two years we'd all benefit from ongoing access to training on the new GCSE content. With this in mind, I decided to organise a training session in conjunction with a Christmas social event. Any excuse for a party... :)

I'm fortunate to be able to offer workshops from a number of enthusiastic and knowledgeable speakers. Between 3pm and 6pm there will be five 30 minute sessions about the new GCSE. The exact programme is still to be confirmed. I've created a website for this event - christmaths.weebly.com - and will update it with full details as soon as I can.

After the CPD is complete the party will start. Sumptuous bowl food will be served at 7pm. There'll be loads of evening entertainment to make this a great night out.

The £25 ticket price covers food, a welcome drink, CPD and festivities. Click here to book - there are only 75 tickets available for this event and I expect these to sell out quickly!

Although there is limited capacity for the CPD, thankfully I'm also able to offer 'party only' tickets for the evening. These are £18 (which includes food) - arrival is from 6pm onwards. Bring your whole team along to celebrate the end of a long and busy term.

The venue is Pause on Leadenhall Street, which is marked with a star on the map below. It's walking distance from six tube stations so easily accessible from anywhere in London. The closest station is Aldgate which is only a couple of minutes walk away.

If you're travelling from outside London then you might want to stay overnight. Of course there's plenty of great reasons to visit London at this time of year, including Winter Wonderland, ice skating at Somerset House and last minute Christmas shopping. There are dozens of hotels within walking distance of the venue, here's a few:
There are also other Travelodges and Premier Inns nearby.

The dress code is casual, but party outfits would be nice!

So, does my Christmaths Party sound good? I hope so! The hashtag for this party, in anticipation of it becoming an annual event, is #christmaths15.  

See you there! I can't wait. Quick - buy a ticket!

Eventbrite - Christmaths Party

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