21 October 2015

In Case You Missed It...

Today I read a post by Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) about her Top 10 Tweets. It struck me as a great way to share popular ideas more widely, particularly with teachers who aren't on Twitter.

I then had a look at Twitter Analytics which provides information on which of my tweets earn the most impressions and engagements. Using that information, I've written this post in order to share a selection of my top tweets from recent months, in case you missed them... 

Top Tweets
1. This tweet - which features an indices problem from Brilliant.org - earned over 20,000 impressions. If you're not familiar with Brilliant.org, do check it out. Their Facebook feed is particularly good. 

2. I take no credit for any aspect of this tweet! It was Danielle Bartram's idea to put stickers on calculators and the stickers were produced by Ed Southall. I'm pleased to report that the idea has proved effective - I now find it much easier to keep track of calculators that I lend to students.

3. Whenever I share a Don Steward resource it gets a lot of attention. That's because he's a legend and his resources are unbelievably good. Here's four popular examples. If you don't regularly use Don Steward's resources then go and check out his blog immediately!

4. This tweet about my Open Evening post was popular, partly because the 'Where everybody counts' picture went down well! The sign was created by the Blackpool Sixth Mathematics Department (@BSMathsDept).

5. My post about end of term enrichment activities is one of my most popular posts ever.

6. Back in March my Year 10 class made a paper plate circle theorem display. I got this lovely idea from Paul Collins.

7. This tweet by the awesome Hannah Fry really made me smile.

8. Often my most popular tweets are those that promote a new blog post - this one was for my post about GCSE revision resources...

9. ... and this one was for my post about resources for stretch and challenge.

10. One of my most popular tweets this month was the tweet in which I first suggested holding a Christmas event.

The format of the event has changed slightly since this tweet, but the date and venue have now been confirmed and tickets are selling fast. Check out christmaths.weebly.com for details.

I hope you've found some inspiration in this post - I've enjoyed looking back at my tweets. Thanks for reading.

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