4 March 2015

Maths Twitter Lesson Planning - #mathsTLP

My mate Ed, the legend that is @solvemymaths, has had a rather clever idea. On Sunday nights between 7pm and 8pm (UK time) we're going to host a collaborative lesson planning hour on Twitter.

I genuinely believe that every teacher, no matter how experienced, can benefit from sharing teaching ideas. Everyone is encouraged to join in with #mathsTLP, either to request help or to offer suggestions. This kind of sharing ('how would you teach this topic? do you know of any good resources?' etc) is the sort of thing we should do more of at school, but we're all too busy teaching. Give us more PPAs and we'll do this with our colleagues on a regular basis - until then, we're very lucky to have Twitter.

If you're looking for ideas and resources for a specific topic then please ask. Ed and I will organise and document what will probably be a plethora of amazing ideas and inspiration from the Twitter community.

We're all working towards a common goal but so many teachers work in isolation - let's change that. Please join in this Sunday to make our first #mathsTLP hour a success.

If you're new to Twitter then feel free to email me and I'll explain how to get started.

What else is going on?
I've not blogged much lately because I've been spending ridiculous amounts of time planning my session for next weekend's maths conference. In my workshop I'll share ideas on how best to explain a range of mathematical concepts including linear graphs, sequences, surds and quadratics. I've been doing a lot of research and I've got some great new stuff to share.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, but I will be writing a new gems post this weekend - watch this space...

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