23 May 2014


Radians scare my Year 12s. They often choose to 'think' in degrees and just convert their answers into radians. I wonder if I could do a better job of introducing the concept.  I've just discovered this animation that is so absolutely fantastic, I had to share it.
I found it in this blog post but it originated here.  Both are worth a read.  

I love this post 'Degrees vs Radians' which presents an open letter to students wondering, “Why Do We Use Radians Instead of Degrees?”.  

Colin Beveridge has strong feelings on the subject - both teachers and students would benefit from reading his post 'Why Radians Rock (and Degrees Don't)', in which he convinces the reader of the unquestionable benefits of using radians.

Next Level Maths has a nice explanation of radians, including an interactive activity.

Incidentally, if you're excited by animations then you might like the other animations in this article '7 Animated GIFs That Will Make You Instantly Understand Trigonometry'.

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