27 May 2018

More Breakfast Warm Ups

I was really chuffed when loads of people told me that they used my non calculator breakfast revision resources last week. Although I collate and share a lot of resources, I don't often make my own (because it's ridiculously time consuming!) so I'm glad it was worth the effort. We used them with our 240 Year 11s at my school and they worked well.

A few people asked me to make another set of breakfast revision resources for the next paper, so I have done so. You can download them from TES here:

Breakfast GCSE Warm Ups - Calculator

As with the last set, there are two levels for Foundation and two levels for Higher. Each sheet contains 20 quick questions which I've not numbered so that students can work on them in any order. I've provided editable versions in case you want to tailor these for your own students. Answers are provided too.

I've named these 'Calculator A' because I hope I might have time to make a third set ('Calculator B') to use on the day of Paper 3. 

Paper 2 and 3 Preparation Resources
We are very fortunate in maths that lots of helpful teachers provide mid-GCSE resources to help students prepare for Paper 2 and 3. These are created after Paper 1 so any topics that have already come up are removed. Of course, there's no guarantee that these topics won't come up again in Paper 2 and 3, but I think it's still worth doing. On Friday I emailed all of our Year 11s with a link to John Corbett's Paper 2 Preparation Materials along with Pixl's Practice Papers. 

There are loads more Paper 2 and 3 preparation resources - the best place to see the full collection is in Adam Creen's (@adamcreen) very helpful annual blog post where he lists everything as it's published (this now covers Edexcel, AQA and OCR).

And don't forget that if you're seeing Year 11 for a revision lesson during or after half term then my GCSE revision resources post has dozens of excellent resources.