4 October 2016

5 Maths Gems #64

I haven't written a gems post in a long time! I've been too busy at work. So I've got a big list of resources and ideas from Twitter, enough to fill three or four posts. Let's make a start...

1. New GCSE Resources
Teaching new GCSE? Edexcel have come to our rescue by launching a set of resources for new GCSE topics. There's loads of useful stuff here including worked examples, exercises with answers, and extension material. Sixteen topics are covered include functions, iteration, Venn diagrams and geometric progressions.
Extract from 'N15 Bounds (Foundation and Higher)'

2. Fractions Task
Thanks to @MaxTheMaths for sharing this lovely fractions task. This is taken from Buzzard Publishing's Arithmekit Bundle (@BuzzardPublish). Check out CanDoMaths.org for more resources like this.
3. MathsFrame
It's been a long time since I last taught Year 7. Now I've got a low attaining Year 7 class I'm going to start adding lots of new resources to my resource libraries (for example I've recently added place value and addition). With my Year 7 class in mind, resources from mathsframe.co.uk (@Mathsframe) have caught my eye. There's over 200 free resources here - they're aimed at primary schools but secondary teachers may find them useful too.
Extract from Year 6 fractions assessment

4. Inspect the Spec
Craig Barton has been writing a great set of 'Inspect the Spec' posts on TES. If you're teaching new GCSE, you'll find these posts helpful. They contain information about what's in the GCSE specification (what's changed and what's the same) along with recommendations of TES resources. 

5. Number Line
Megan Guinan (@MeganGuinan1) first tweeted about this tool ages ago, but it's taken me a while to find a use for it. I recently used the zoomable number line from mathsisfun.com to help explain decimal place value to my Year 7s. Now I realise it will be useful for quite a few topics. My Year 7s were 'wowed' by it and asked me to keep zooming in (forever!). Then they realised it could also zoom out to show really big numbers. It's always great to see kids getting excited by numbers!

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I'll leave you with this lovely picture from an old maths textbook. Thanks to @john_overholt for sharing this.
The XXth Century Arithmetic published in 1903

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