28 May 2014

Revision with Year 11

As this year's Maths GCSE exams are fast approaching, I thought it might be helpful to share a few of my revision resources.

My Year 11s expressed their frustration in trying to remember the differences between statistical graphs – particularly histograms, frequency polygons and cumulative frequency graphs. A key area of confusion is when to use midpoints, endpoints, class widths etc. I created this for them to help clarify these points:  GCSE Graphs Revision Summary

They also fretted about which formulae they had to remember for volume and area. In class we went through this sheet - I asked them to label each formula according to whether they needed to learn it or whether it was provided. I then gave them this formula summary to take away.

In one revision lesson my Year 11s tested each other using these circle theorem revision cards from teachitmaths.co.uk. They loved this lesson and demanded cards for every topic! I supplied them with the other cards from teachitmaths.co.uk, as well as my own mixed A* revision cards. I also encouraged them to make their own cards at home.

There are many good revision checklists and progress trackers available online.  I've just discovered this great progress booklet for Higher GCSE, created by Emily Hughes who writes the blog http://ilovemathsgames.wordpress.com/.

Finally, in my last lesson with my Year 11 class I went through these ‘hints and tips’ slides (while they ate cake, of course!). I pulled these slides together over time from a variety of sources so sorry for not crediting the originators of this material. It includes the rather tasteless but memorable picture below, which got a huge reaction from my class! ‘If you don’t like it, don’t do it!’ I told them. :)

Source: @mathequalslove

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