Core AS

This page lists recommended resources for teaching Core Mathematics at AS level, categorised by topic. Please note that this page is for the legacy specification. Visit the Year 12 Pure page for new specification resources.

Huge thanks to all individuals and organisations who share teaching resources.

Quick links:  Indices  |  Algebra  |  Surds  |  Quadratics  | Graphs and Functions  |  Arithmetic Series  |  Linear Graphs  |  Differentiation  |  Integration  |  Factor Theorem  |  Geometric Series  |  Logs  |  Circle Geometry  |  Binomial Expansion  |  Radians  |  Trigonometry  |  Revision

Task by Susan Wall
Algebra, equations and inequalities

Is it rational? - Maths Pad

    Mathematics Assessment Project

    Graphs and Functions
    Cubic graphs activity
    Arithmetic Progressions

    Coordinate Geometry - Linear Graphs
    Linear Equations Venn - Don Steward


    Factor Theorem and Algebraic Division

    True or false activity - 'Representing Polynomials' - Mathematics Assessment Project
    Geometric Progressions

    Logs (See my blog post on Logs for ideas and resources)
    Logs activity from Project Maths

    Coordinate Geometry - Circles

    Binomial Expansion


    Introduction to Trigonometric Functions - Project Maths

    Additional teaching resources, revision & assessment

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