1 August 2016

Misspelt Words Display

I've had a go at making a classroom display of commonly misspelt maths words. I saw something similar at the front of a geography classroom once. I like displays that are useful for students.

I've made two versions. The first version is in the style of a chalkboard and highlights the 'tricky' parts of the words.
You can download the PDFs of these posters here (there are 25 posters in total).

The second version is perhaps a bit more printer-friendly because it's got a white background. Each poster features a simple graphic to represent the word.
You can download the PDFs of these posters here.

I made these posters using my free Canva account. I've been using Canva for a while to make graphics and posters - it's incredibly easy to use. If you're planning to make a new set of displays for September, you might find it helpful.

Edit 1:
Thanks to Emile Pinco ‏(@EmilePinco) for combining my two versions and editing the format to produce a far better creation!  You can download Emile's version here.

Edit 2: 
Thank you to Daria Kohls (@DaK_74) who has adapted these posters for science - download them here. Please pass these on to your science colleagues.


  1. Thank you for these - love the graphic ones. Have added a dyslexic friendly lower case word on yellow background for my learners, although can't work out how to copy & edit in Canva account atm. @mathsjanet

    1. Perhaps it can't be done as easily as I thought! I've edited the post. Try this link instead - I've made a copy for you and I think you should be able to edit this now. Please let me know if it doesn't work.

  2. Hi Jo. Does the science link not work anymore? I have interest from my science pals but cannot access it now it seems! Thank you! Ania

    1. Sorry - I didn’t realise it was broken. I’ll contact the link owner and see if I can get the file.

  3. Thank you so much Jo :)