29 August 2015

Complete the Rules

I said I wouldn't write any more posts this summer, but this is just a quick one to share something I've just made.

You may have already seen the expectations videos I made for Year 10 and Year 11. I was considering making these for Year 12 and 13 too but wasn't sure it would work well with these groups. Then I stumbled across this infographic that I made last year and never had the chance to use.

I made it using Piktochart, inspired by an infographic syllabus made by Anna Hester (@TypeAMathLand).

I like this a lot, but there's two problems. First, it requires colour printing, which I don't do. Second, it's possible that students will just glance at it and not really take anything in.

Then I spotted this cool idea in Dan Meyer's post  The First Day Wiki.

Students are given the blank version to fill in. Because they have to complete it themselves they're more likely to pay attention.

I think this will work well with my Sixth Form classes, so I made my own version - this one is for Year 12:
My editable version of this is here in case you want to adapt this for your own classes.

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